8 Steps to launch your video rocket

Not every project is the same, but they all have the same working process. We explain the process via a video that you can understand how we work easily.


1. Ideation

Before kicking off a video project, we will arrange a meeting between Red Cat and your team to lock all the important requirements of the project. If you are far away from us, Google Hangout or Skype are the best options. We put all the details into a creative brief so we both align our goal. Based on the creative brief, our team will brainstorm and make a proposal to present to you our solutions toward your video goal.


2. Script

When idea is approved, we start working on the story. Actually the story is there but we need to tell it. The script will do it. Our story writers will compose the story with words. They do not work on this step alone. They seat with our Creative Director and Art Director to make sure words can be interpreted into images and motion. Depending on the target audiences, proper writing tone will be chosen.


3. Styleframe

Would cartoony images work for trusted corporation with mature audiences? We don't think so. Styleframe helps us define the most suitable visual direction for your video. Whether you make video for kids or seniors above 65 years old, we must develop the look for your video. At Red Cat, we propose two to three different visual concepts before we agree on the final look and feel for your video.

4. Storyboard

Like reading comic or manga, we translate all the words from the script into a series of sketchy frames based on the approved styleframe. Storyboard helps us to see the story in action, what items are drawn in each scene, how characters act, and you have the chance to revise the story before jumping into the production.

5. Voice

If the script is a narration, we need a voice talent. We have a list of voice artists for you to choose from. Need a video in Japanese or British accent voice? We know how to find them for your video. After having the voice, we combine it with the storyboard to produce an animatic, an animated storyboard so you can visualize your story better.

6. Graphic/Illustration

This step helps you to see all the colorful frames before animating. If the storyboard is just a black and white sketch, this part can be considered as the finest colored graphic version. All the frames are designed and layed out nicely by our illustrators and graphic designers.

7. Animation

This is one of the most exciting parts of the video making process, ANIMATION. We assign this task to a team of Motion Leader, Motion Artists, Character Animators and Editor. Good work takes time, so this step is the longest part. It might take 10 to 14 days for the final revision. Don't worry! We will keep you updated along the journey.

8. Audio Mix and Final Render

After getting the final animation, our audio team will add sound effects, background music and fine-tune them with the voice over before rendering the video. Finally, you can launch your video rocket successfully. Don't forget that we are here to help you on any further tasks.