A collaborative project to redefine Red Cat Motion

At Red Cat Motion, we imagine ourselves into a magic hat, flip it over and the world around gets re- imagined.You’ll find yourself lost in a book of untold fairytales, where you would be hunting for long lost treasures, hungry for making new discoveries, traveling deep in the past or an enthralling land of future. Call it landing on your dreams, yes a magic hat can do this to you. Join us on an adventure where the magic of creativity drives around an unexpected yet mysterious journey until you reach the ultimate goals. Get yourself equipped to giggle, play, and get so immersed, that you may find your own self, re-imagined into millions of wildest dreams. Welcome to the show!




We are Red Cat Motion.

We would like to thank our team and beloved partners to make this project happen. 

Artists: Maxk Nguyen, Remon Mabunay, Mason Dickerson, Kim Phung, Thanh Long, Phong Luong, Ngo Quang Dinh, Tru Hoang, Minh Pham.

Studio: Freaky Motion, Planion, Monstio

Developer: Nguyen Tat Dat

Creative Director: Leo DINH

Creative writer: Tien Khong (Dentsu Redder)

Project Manager: Minh Huong

Sound Designer: Luke Brown (The Soundry)

Enjoy and share if you love our creations.