Red Imagination Virtual Exhibition


A collaborative project to redefine Red Cat Motion

At Red Cat Motion, we imagine ourselves into a magic hat, flip it over and the world around gets re- imagined.You’ll find yourself lost in a book of untold fairytales, where you would be hunting for long lost treasures, hungry for making new discoveries, traveling deep in the past or an enthralling land of future. Call it landing on your dreams, yes a magic hat can do this to you. Join us on an adventure where the magic of creativity drives around an unexpected yet mysterious journey until you reach the ultimate goals. Get yourself equipped to giggle, play, and get so immersed, that you may find your own self, re-imagined into millions of wildest dreams. Welcome to the show!

We would like to thank our team and beloved partners to make this project happen. 

Artists: Maxk Nguyen, Remon Mabunay, Mason Dickerson, Kim Phung, Thanh Long, Phong Luong, Ngo Quang Dinh, Tru Hoang, Minh Pham.

Studio: Freaky Motion, Planion, Monstio

Developer: Nguyen Tat Dat

Creative Director: Leo DINH

Creative writer: Tien Khong (Dentsu Redder)

Project Manager: Minh Huong

Sound Designer: Luke Brown (The Soundry)

Enjoy and share if you love our creations. 

Facebook Stories: Days of the week in Vietnamese

About the project

We are happy to join the THE GLOBAL ART INITIATIVE which is a platform for artists to creatively express their voice and culture, and share it with their communities through the lens of Facebook Stories. In their first project called Days of the week, they wanted to invite different artists from different countries to share their cultures by designing stickers and frames in their languages. Red Cat Motion was chosen to design artworks in Vietnamese.

Our scope of works

Research, design and illustrate 56 variations of stickers to show days of the week in Vietnamese. The stickers must show local cultures and inspire Facebook users. For your reference, in Vietnam we call:

  • Thứ 2 (Hai) for Monday

  • Thứ 3 (Ba) for Tuesday

  • Thứ 4 (Tư) for Wednesday

  • Thứ 5 (Năm) for Thursday

  • Thứ 6 (Sáu) for Friday

  • Thứ 7 (Bảy) for Saturday

  • Chủ Nhật for Sunday

Our works in action

In order to use the stickers, user could post their photos on Facebook or Stories and choose stickers. Each sticker might come with a color variation or content variation.

02255176046935.5c5ea2cd0f7f2 (1).jpg

Cultural Research and Concepts

I got a call with the client at 2 am on Friday and had less than 48 hours to do the research and came up with more than 50 ideas for them to select. The research must help the client understand our culture. and becomes the roadmap for the creation of assets from concept to style and color.

The research was much more complicated than this mood board and included many pages. In this moodboard, I just wanted to share you daily inspiring images from our country. Images were collected from many sources for studying purpose.



A ton of sketches were done in 3 days and submitted to the client for selection. We wanted to include our iconic characters and symbols in the stickers, but in the end the client prefer having the day as the main element only.

We had fun playing with the frames, because we can be creative with local elements. For example, Monday is very crowded. There are traffic jams everywhere. In addition to that, Monday is the first day of work so people are not really excited. We put lots of smoke, elements of different traffic horns around the frame. On the contrary, many people are so determined on Monday, so we drew "Monday" in the shape of fire.

Final artworks

After some rounds of revision, we had less than 10 days to illustrate all the stickers and frames. Here are some final artworks. There are stickers that the client didn't go with, but we love a few of them and decide to illustrate.

More Artworks

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 6.31.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 6.33.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 6.34.04 PM.png

Big thanks the whole team at Red Cat Motion!

Client: Facebook

Agency: Fake Love

Creative Director: Wiena Lin, Leo DINH (Me)

Art Director: Ty Heo, Bi Vo

Illustrator: Tuan To, Nhat Lynn, Nhu, Kim Phung

Project Manager: Minh Huong