Biti's Smart

Have you ever heard a scientific fact that activities make kids smarter? Biti's Smart is an ambitious project of Biti's to help kids grow smarter throughout physical exercises. In order to achieve that, Biti's Kid creates a range of shoes with 3 main purposes:

  • Comfort: Shoes are designed with latest technologies such as Phylon, EVA and Airmesh to make kids comfortable while wearing. As a result, shoes are softer, lighter and more comfortable.

  • Smart: Inside every shoes, there are chips designed to track kids activities. These chips are connected with Biti's Smart app so parents can review all the physical datas and suggest them the best activities for their children.

  • Together with IPD, Biti's wants to study and research the activities benchmark for Vietnamese kids.

Our Scope of work: Create a story to inspire audiences of Latest Biti's Kid's product. 

Client: Biti's Kid
Agency: Redder, Red Cat Motion
Director: Leo DINH, Hoang Anh
3D Production: Freaky Motion
Live Production: Draco Film
Sound Designer: Luke Brown


How did we make this?

The project is very inspiring, and so challenging. We only get the right outcome until the last minute. From the beginning, this project was strictly confidential because it would become a game changing. Our Director Leo DINH had to work on the concept alone himself without letting anybody knew.


The brief was very simple in the beginning. We only knew that the client was making the product while briefing. They also provided lots of fact and inspiration sources to us. Based on that, we had to think of the story concept and propose to the client. In the proposal, storyboard was drawn very roughly to catch the ideas



Our director wanted to combine live action with 3D animation. This was a challenging approach as we only had less than 6 weeks to produce the film. We wanted to get the look that kiddy, bright, colorful and a bit of technology involving.


Look Development

All the 3D animation was executed by the great team Freaky Motion. Hoang Anh was in charge of animation direction. This task was never easy to get the right look and feel, especially Biti's doesn't have a clear branding guideline as they are building them.

First Attempt

The video talked about brain growth, but our director didn't wanted to show a real brain, or too scientific images so he briefed Hoang Anh to use spheres and connected them in a pattern. The first approach impressed the client but all the images didn't connect to the brand very well, especially the colours.

Second Attempt

We met the client and agreed to keep the video colorful but bring more red and blue to every single images. When you looked at one single image, it looked fine but they didn't connect very well as a video.

3 split screens stand for different function of the shoes.

3 split screens stand for different function of the shoes.

Styleframe for the brain part.

Styleframe for the brain part.

The design of the chip pattern inside the shoes.

The design of the chip pattern inside the shoes.

Third Attempt

After working on many options, we discussed with the client and convinced them to use blue as the key colour and other colors like red, orange, yellow were secondary only. The final result was very pleased. It worked very well with the brand and connected everything seamlessly.

HUD Design

We featured HUD in the video to share an idea of parents can track their kids' activities on a mobile platform. The first design brought the tech feeling, but didn't fit our theme. As a result, we revised and used the second design as reference for all the HUD designs.

Frame 27.png

First Draft

If you watch the first draft, you will see that there is a big improvement on the latest version. Finally, we did it.

Let's work together

Dolphin, the little Leo

Dolphin is a personal project which our Creative Director did to share his big love with his 6 month-son. The concept was personally done by Leo, Founder of Red Cat Motion then produced with his favorite team at Planion.

Drawing is such an amazing thing to visualize your ideas

You might be wondering why the little Leopard named Dolphin. "It's a wild cat actually. Our company is Red Cat Motion, and my son's nickname is Dolphin as his mother named so I decided to sketch out the little spotted cat", said by Leo.

He drew on his favorite "device", paper and decided on the final models after many rounds of revision.


When Leo was happy with his sketch, he sent it to our Art Director Kim Phung and had her colouring his sketch. He wanted to have a blue Cat (as blue represents the colour of Ocean). To backup, he did another version with yellow.


The fun begins

All the drawings were sent to Planion. Based on the sketches, they explored Leo's idea by sculpting the cat digitally.


Adding Colours and textures

After a few rounds of revision, colours and textures were added to the character. After this round, we decided to go with the backup plan, the yellow one.


More fun with fur

We added fur on the character. The render took longer but it was worthy.


Rigging and bring the character alive

The rig looks complicated to control all the body parts.

The rig looks complicated to control all the body parts.


More Clothes


As the personal project, we wanted to have fun and explored more possibilities. This project will keep going on and we will share you more when we have a chance.


Let's work together


We have no fear for CG/VFX. Our team at Freaky Motion did a great work on an VFX short requested by England, the director at The MILL to turn a man's head into a fish head. Our scope of work includes sculpting and painting the fish head then we stick it with the man’s body. Our challenge is making the 2 separated parts become as smooth as one when he moves. With little input data such as f-stop, focal length, shutter speed, etc, we made hundreds of possible calculations to figure out the best way to match them.


Some images from our working progress


Let's work together