Repair Tracker: keep track of your repairs online

Red Cat Motion did a 2D explainer video to introduce Repair Tracker Online which helps:

  1. Business: advertise their repair/maintenance service to customer with QR code.
  2. Customer: keep track of your repairs online or buy with confidence.

Client: Repair Tracker Online
Production: Red Cat Motion


How did we make this?

We always propose our client 2 options of styleframe to define the video look and feel before producing a whole video. This step makes sure we decide the right direction and reflect the brand image in the design.

Option 1: We kept details minimal and focused more on the story. The character design looks simple but cute. Bright colors makes the design friendly as the brand does.

Repair Tracker_0003_RepairTracker_Styleframe1_160519.jpg
Repair Tracker_0002_RepairTracker_Styleframe1_160519.jpg

Option 2: The client chose this option, because they liked detailed illustrations. They also liked the stroke style that we suggested.

Repair Tracker_0001_RepairTracker_StyleFrame2_160524.jpg
Repair Tracker_0000_RepairTracker_StyleFrame2_160524 copy.jpg

Based on the script and visual direction, a storyboard was drawn out to help directing the story. This is a must in every video project, no matter its length.


After the story was approved, we designed all the assets and prepare for animation.


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