Character Design

Dolphin, the little Leo

Dolphin is a personal project which our Creative Director did to share his big love with his 6 month-son. The concept was personally done by Leo, Founder of Red Cat Motion then produced with his favorite team at Planion.

Drawing is such an amazing thing to visualize your ideas

You might be wondering why the little Leopard named Dolphin. "It's a wild cat actually. Our company is Red Cat Motion, and my son's nickname is Dolphin as his mother named so I decided to sketch out the little spotted cat", said by Leo.

He drew on his favorite "device", paper and decided on the final models after many rounds of revision.


When Leo was happy with his sketch, he sent it to our Art Director Kim Phung and had her colouring his sketch. He wanted to have a blue Cat (as blue represents the colour of Ocean). To backup, he did another version with yellow.


The fun begins

All the drawings were sent to Planion. Based on the sketches, they explored Leo's idea by sculpting the cat digitally.


Adding Colours and textures

After a few rounds of revision, colours and textures were added to the character. After this round, we decided to go with the backup plan, the yellow one.


More fun with fur

We added fur on the character. The render took longer but it was worthy.


Rigging and bring the character alive

The rig looks complicated to control all the body parts.

The rig looks complicated to control all the body parts.


More Clothes


As the personal project, we wanted to have fun and explored more possibilities. This project will keep going on and we will share you more when we have a chance.


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