Bphone: Reinvetion

Bphone is a Vietnamese based phone brand. Our team at Freaky Motion did a video concept to leak the new look of Bphone.

Brand: Bphone
Production: Freaky Motion


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Biti's Smart

Have you ever heard a scientific fact that activities make kids smarter? Biti's Smart is an ambitious project of Biti's to help kids grow smarter throughout physical exercises. In order to achieve that, Biti's Kid creates a range of shoes with 3 main purposes:

  • Comfort: Shoes are designed with latest technologies such as Phylon, EVA and Airmesh to make kids comfortable while wearing. As the result, shoes are softer, lighter and more comfortable.
  • Smart: Inside every shoes, there are chips designed to track kids activities. These chips are connected with Biti's Smart app so parents can review all the physical datas and suggest them the best activities for their children.
  • Together with IPD, Biti's want to study and research the activities benchmark for Vietnamese kids.

Our Scope of work: Create a story to inspire audiences of Latest Biti's Kid's product. 

Client: Biti's Kid
Agency: Redder, Red Cat Motion
Director: Leo DINH, Hoang Anh
3D Production: Freaky Motion
Live Production: Draco Film
Sound Designer: Luke Brown


How did we make this?

The project is very inspiring, and so challenging. We only get the right outcome until the last minute. From the beginning, this project was strictly confidential because it would become a game changing. Our Director Leo DINH had to work on the concept alone himself without letting anybody knew.


The brief was very simple in the beginning. We only knew that the client was making the product while briefing. They also provided lots of fact and inspiration sources to us. Based on that, we had to think of the story concept and propose to the client. In the proposal, storyboard was drawn very roughly to catch the ideas



Our director want to combine live action with 3D animation. This was a challenging approach as we only had less than 6 weeks to produce the film. We wanted to get the look that kiddy, bright, colorful and a bit of technology involving.


Look Development

All the 3D animation was executed by the great team Freaky Motion. Hoang Anh was in charge of animation direction. This task was never easy to get the right look and feel, especially Biti's doesn't have a clear branding guideline as they are building them.

First Attempt

The video talked about brain growth, but our director didn't wanted to show a real brain, or too scientific images so he briefed Hoang Anh to use spheres and connected them in a pattern. The first approach impressed the client but all the images didn't connect to the brand very well, especially the colours.

Second Attempt

We met the client and agreed to keep the video colorful but bring more red and blue to every single images. When you looked at one single image, it looked fine but they didn't connect very well as a video.

 3 split screens stand for different function of the shoes.

3 split screens stand for different function of the shoes.

 Styleframe for the brain part.

Styleframe for the brain part.

 The design of the chip pattern inside the shoes.

The design of the chip pattern inside the shoes.

Third Attempt

After working on many options, we discussed with the client and convinced them to use blue as the key colour and other colors like red, orange, yellow were secondary only. The final result was very pleased. It worked very well with the brand and connected everything seamlessly.

HUD Design

We featured HUD in the video to share an idea of parents can track their kids' activities on a mobile platform. The first design brought the tech feeling, but didn't fit our theme. As a result, we revised and used the second design as reference for all the HUD designs.

Frame 27.png

First Draft

If you watch the first draft, you will there is a big improvement on the latest version. Finally we did it.

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Wisepass: Guide to your high-end lifestyle

Wisepass is a lifestyle subscription based app which allows you to enjoy complimentary perks daily in Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Kula Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok and more. Just simply download the application, let it know your taste and it will suggest you the best places in town each time you want to go out for dinner or enjoy your favorite drinks. 

Client: Wisepass
Agency: Red Cat Motion

Congrats Mr Lam for winning a deal at Shark Tank Vietnam.


How did we make this?


We discussed with the client, downloaded the app and enjoyed the experience that the app bring to us to understand Wisepass before suggesting any story direction and art style. In the end, we came up with 3 approaches and proposed 2 art direction for the video. Voice samples were provided by us as well. You can download a sample of our proposal.


The client decided to go with the second approach which is more application focus and less details. The style should evoke the feeling of delight, modern, high-end.


Our Art director was very passionate so his input was enormous until we get the right mood and tone.



Storyboard is the best way to visualize your story and animation ideas.


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Kao Attack: Stinky kingdom

Together with Dentsu X, we help audiences discover the mysteries of Stinky kingdom and learn how to fight back the bacteria with Kao Attack.

Client: Kao
Agency: Dentsu X & Red Cat Motion
Production: Freaky Motion


Let's see how we did this.

The agency already proposed a story to the client before reaching us. We received the storyboard and started to develop the characters and the environment. The main characters are bacteria.


The initial idea of the environment was a desert. It must be extremely hot and dry. We made some options in term of style.

unnamed (3).jpg

Then we thought deeply.... and proposed another idea. We suggested to do an environment which combined both desert and fabric.

unnamed (4).jpg
33754296_10211760846323313_6202737738194616320_n (1).jpg
33690354_10211760846123308_5481735234548400128_n (1).jpg

Well do you want to live in this peaceful world? This is just the same place, but it is very much better after trying Attack.

image001 (1).jpg

There were some scenes that took us a lot of time to develop and render, especially the 24 hour scene which we had to create a crowd of bacteria.


Animatic is a must in every 3D project.


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DJI Care Refresh Animated Explainer Video

DJI Care Refresh is an effective program to help you cover damages or replacements of your DJI products with a small amount of charge. Red Cat Motion got a big mission to entertain DJI's audiences with useful information of the program.

Client: DJI
Agency: Red Cat Motion

How did we make this?


This project is a combination of 2D animation with 3D drone as we have to show the key product turn around when flying. The 3D model was made in C4D then imported into After Effects with Element 3D.


The timeline is rushed and the client knew what they wanted so we locked the styleframe very quickly.



Graphics were made 2D. The color palette looks fun, fresh and branded. Other characters such as cat and crab were designed to bring more fun and details to the visual story.

46108658584695.5a01e5cd20b73 (1).jpg

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Dolphin, the little Leo

Dolphin is a personal project which our Creative Director did to share his big love with his 6 month son. The concept was personally done by Leo, Founder of Red Cat Motion then produced with his favorite team at Planion.

Drawing is such an amazing thing to visualize your ideas

You might be wondering why the little Leopard named Dolphin. "It's a wild cat actually. Our company is Red Cat Motion, and my son's nickname is Dolphin as his mother named so I decided to sketch out the little spotted cat", said by Leo.

He drew on his favorite "device", paper and decided on the final models after many rounds of revision.


When Leo was happy with his sketch, he sent it to our Art Director Kim Phung and had her colouring his sketch. He wanted to have a blue Cat (as blue represents the colour of Ocean). To backup, he did another version with yellow.


The fun begins

All the drawings were sent to Planion. Based on the sketches, they explored Leo's idea by sculpting the cat digitally.


Adding Colours and textures

After a few rounds of revision, colours and textures were added to the character. After this round, we decided to go with the backup plan, the yellow one.


More fun with fur

We added fur on the character. The render took longer but it was worthyworthy.


Rigging and bring the character alive

 The rig looks complicated to control all the body parts.

The rig looks complicated to control all the body parts.


More Clothes


As the personal project, we wanted to have fun and explored more possibilities. This project will keep going on and we will share you more when we have a chance.


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Fristi Mango Flavour Advertising

We got a chance to work on the new Fristi Product with Leo Burnett and 18 Studios. 

Client: Friesland Campina Vietnam
Agency: Leo Burnett
Production: 18 Studios
Animation by Red Cat Motion

How did we make this?

This advertising is a combination of live action, 2D animation and 3D motion graphic. All the talents were shot by 18 studios then combined with 2D/3D Motion graphics which were done by the Red Cat team.


To convince the client, many styleframes were made. We experimented with different settings, different style and different colour schemes.


Background was made 2D, and the product was made 3D.

 The bottle was modeled in C4D and composited in After Effects using Element 3D.

The bottle was modeled in C4D and composited in After Effects using Element 3D.


We had to do the graphics twice as the client changed their mind, but we love the final outcome.


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Nutifit 3D Animation

Nutifit is a local product of Nutifood, one of the biggest nutrition companies in Vietnam. We together with Y&R Vietnam create a 3D animated TVC to promote the brand new solution for kid growth.


Let's see how we did this.

When the client approached us, they insisted of making a 2D animation. Then one day he saw his kid watching Hello Kitty in 3D version, he decided to change the brief. We can't stop our excitement.

 The storyboard was made simple to demonstrate the idea.

The storyboard was made simple to demonstrate the idea.

All the items in this projects were expected to be humanized as characters. We designed them with different options.

 The client wanted to make bad food in the beginning. Later on we decided to have cute food only.

The client wanted to make bad food in the beginning. Later on we decided to have cute food only.

 The scale guy.

The scale guy.

 Our little boy.

Our little boy.

 Some typography experiments.

Some typography experiments.

 Some typography experiments.

Some typography experiments.

 This concept got rejected by us.

This concept got rejected by us.

 This is the boy's backyard.

This is the boy's backyard.


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Kahuna: New resort residences

Named after the legendary waves of Hawaii, Kahuna is the fifth phase of development of the Ho Tram Strip, following The Grand, The Bluffs Golf Course, Gallery Villas and the Beach Club. Purple Asia were asked to develop the name, branding and launch material for this exciting new development

Client: Kahuna Ho
Agency: Purple Asia
Video Agency: Red Cat Motion
Design & Direction: Freaky Motion



Moodboard Inspiration

Kahuna Design Development v2.jpg


Look Development


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Knorr: Vegetarian Mushroom seasoning

This is the first time we got a chance to work on Knorr brand of Uniliver. They require us to make 2 short digital video ads in the occasion of launching new product "Vegetarian Mushroom Seasoning". 

Brand: Knorr Vietnam
Agency: Isobar, Red Cat Motion
Animation by Freaky Motion.

Director Cut Version

Our initial brief is making two 6 second video ads to introduce their new product with double mushroom essence. After many discussions with the client, we suggested to make the product alive by turning the mushrooms and the package into funny 3D characters. 

 This is our first attempt on developing the look and feel.

This is our first attempt on developing the look and feel.

Unfortunately the client wanted to go in another direction. At first they preferred realistic style, but in the end they wanted something simpler.


Here are the final ads.


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Bitis Hunter: The Infinity War

We got a chance to work on a 3D Promotion Video to introduce the first international collaboration between Bitis Hunter Vietnam and Marvel - Avengers: Infinity War.

Client: Bitis Hunter, Creative and Produce by Freaky Motion


How we did it?

We watched all the movies, read all the comics which are relating to the topic before ideation.

Never underestimate a storyboard. This is a must in every video project. After getting approval on the concept, we convince our client our vision by storyboarding all the actions.

Previz is an important step before we add texture, lighting or polish and smoothen all the motion. This helps us to visualize our story better.

Look Development

Thor Cut 01.jpg
Cut 01.jpg
Cut 06.jpg

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Count Me On Music Animation

We love music and when it comes to Music Animation, we never deny any opportunity. Here is one of the exciting projects that we did the animation for the band Luca brasi. Enjoy!!!

  • ANIMATION - Red Cat Motion
  • AUDIO POST - Pierre Duyker
  • VFX - Ben Kalgovas
  • CAMERA ASSIST - Harry Vincent, Chris Green
  • ACTORS - Chris Stanley, Ken Elder, Monique Dilernia, Siena Cole, Dan Martin, Pierre Duyker, Cam Gardner.

How did we make this?

The drawing character was based on the real actor.


Some animation test used traditional techniques.


Storyboard was an important part to explain visual message of the director.


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Animated Short: Dragon and Fairy Legend


Every culture has a story of where they came from and how they came to be, and we Vietnamese people have story like that. Dragon and Fairy Legend: The Untold Story tells a story about our Vietnamese ancestors. The story is at the origin of popular beliefs that the Viets are descended from the race of the Dragons and the Fairy. The story was told many times in Vietnam, but in a boring way. Now we reinvent the story and tell it in another way, which no one has never expected. Through this short film, we infuse historical and spiritual values with the hope to nurture the young Viet's love for country, waking up their pride for origin. In addition, we hope that people will have stronger belief in Vietnamese Animation Industry through the breakthrough techniques being used in this film, comparing to the general Vietnamese Animation Industry. This animated short film could be considered as the first well-crafted animation in Vietnam so far. We are proud to present this to the community all around the world.

Enjoy the film here


How we did it?

It was such an amazing journey when we went back in time to explore our origin.



Lac Long Quan is the protagonists in the film. He is the king of Vietnam in the Ancient Time. In the legend, Lac Long Quan is the dragon who eliminates all the Ancient Monsters.



Au Co was a young, beautiful fairy who lived high in the mountains. One day in the form of Lac Bird, she travels to Xich Quy (the country before Vietnam) and gets caught in a giant storm caused Ngu Tinh (Fish Monster).  Then she is saved by Lac Long Quan and falls in love with him.


Lac bird and Dragon are the true forms of Au Co and Lac Long Quan in our fairy tale.


The Monsters



In the Eastern sea, there appears a giant fish, called Ngư Tinh (Vietnamese for "fish monster"). This fish has lived for centuries, with the size of its mouth, it can consume a ship with 10 fisherman at the same time. Whenever the fish swim, waves can reach the sky, drown multiple ships, all the people passing through the area were all eaten by the fish. Ngư tinh lives in a big cave under the sea, above the cave is a huge mountain which divide the sea into two areas. In the movie, Ngu Tinh attacks Ac Co and is slayed by Lac Long Quan.



Ho Tinh (Fox Monster) in the move has 8 tales and lives in a deep cave with Moc Tinh (Tree Monster). Her ability is transforming to human form and controling animals. This character adds humour to the film. 



Moc Tinh (Tree Monster) is the big boss in the film. He is a giant tree who lives in the Earth for so long. In order to save human, Lac Long Quan has to defeat him. 


The environment


Animation: Behind the scene

Full Credits:

Client: BITI’S
Content Advisor: Dương Trung Quốc

Key Production House: REDCAT MOTION
Director: Leo Dinh
Screenplay: Lê Thanh Nga, Trần Thái Minh, Phạm Vũ Việt Dũng
Art Director: Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Chi
Lead Animator: Leo Dinh, Phạm Quang Nhật Minh
Producer: Trần Hồng Phúc, Nguyễn Xuân Bích Ngọc
Editor: Trương Duy Ninh
Special Effects: Leo Dinh, Nguyễn Hoàng Anh, Trương Duy Ninh
Character Design: Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Chi, Đào Kim Phụng, Tô Anh Tuấn, Trần Thị Phương Thảo, Võ Quang Bi, Mai Thị Tuyết Trinh
Storyboard: Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Chi, Đào Kim Phụng, Tô Anh Tuấn, Trần Thị Phương Thảo
Background Artists: Mai Thị Tuyết Trinh
Animator (2D): Leo Dinh, Phạm Quang Nhật Minh, Nguyễn Hùng Minh, Trương Duy Ninh, Lê Quốc Dương, Nguyễn Việt Long, Vũ Sơn, Nguyễn Tất Viễn, Hắc Ngọc Tâm, Trương Nhật Diễm Quỳnh, Võ Quang Bi

3D animation: FREAKY MOTION
3D lead animator & VFX Supervisor: Nguyễn Hoàng Anh
3D Lead Modelling: Nguyễn Hồng Nhung
3D Modelling: Nguyễn Hà Phương
Texture Artist: Trần Thị Phương Thảo
VFX Technical Director: Đỗ Lê Duy
3D Technical Specialist: Nguyễn Chí Trung
3D Lead Animator: Nguyễn Hữu Đạt
3D Animator: Trần Khôi Nguyên

Sound Production: DIGIPOST


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Repair Tracker: keep track of your repairs online

Red Cat Motion did a 2D explainer video to introduce Repair Tracker Online which helps:

  1. Business: advertise their repair/maintenance service to customer with QR code.
  2. Customer: keep track of your repairs online or buy with confidence.

Client: Repair Tracker Online
Production: Red Cat Motion


How did we make this?

We always propose our client 2 options of styleframe to define the video look and feel before producing a whole video. This step makes sure we decide the right direction and reflect the brand image in the design.

Option 1: We kept details minimal and focused more on the story. The character design looks simple but cute. Bright colors makes the design friendly as the brand does.

Repair Tracker_0003_RepairTracker_Styleframe1_160519.jpg
Repair Tracker_0002_RepairTracker_Styleframe1_160519.jpg

Option 2: The client chose this option, because they liked detailed illustrations. They also liked the stroke style that we suggested.

Repair Tracker_0001_RepairTracker_StyleFrame2_160524.jpg
Repair Tracker_0000_RepairTracker_StyleFrame2_160524 copy.jpg

Based on the script and visual direction, a storyboard was drawn out to help directing the story. This is a must in every video project, no matter its length.


After the story was approved, we designed all the assets and prepare for animation.


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EuroStar: Multiple Animated Projects


We have never get bored doing Eurostar project. Each time we get an animation request from AKQA, the team can't keep their excitement. This is a collection of animation shorts that we did for Eurostar since 2015.

Lavie on Board

Eurostar has created an online Instagram 'tapestry' called @LaVieOnBoard comprising 200 still and animated image squares depicting life onboard its new e320 train as it travels from London to Paris. Each of the squares uses a combination of still and animated images to tell stories, such as that of a couple falling in love and that of a group of senior citizens having a party onboard the train. We got a chance to do all the animation parts for the journey.

Read the full article from campaignlive.co.uk here

Some animations that we like from the map

Some screenshots from AKQA


Explore beautiful cities with famous illustrator

This is the second project we did for Eurostar. Famous illustrators were invited to take people around their city. They also drew some illustrations for each city, then Red Cat animated them and place them on live action footages.

Let's see Bruges and find Pieter's illustrations.

and Charlottes's ones.

Bikes on board

This project is more like a tutorial of how you can grab your bike on Eurostar trains. Sounds boring? Not really, we had lots of fun doing this project. It's simple but in style.


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U by Uniworld

We got a chance to work on the project with Director Henry on this amazing project, U by Uniworld. U by Uniworld is a new take on experiential travel, with cruises designed for those with a passion for exploring and a taste for authentic adventures. Experience the most exploring authentic travel with Uniworld cruise. If you haven't got a chance to do this, enjoy our animation.


Some images from our working progress

While working on the project, there was no real ship. Based on the technical drawing, we came up with an animated version with some adjustments.


We developed many character options with different details such as hair style, accessories. It was fun that we can try many items on each character.


Interior of the ship was designed and illustrated with an enough amount of details to reflect the real experience of the ship.


All the locations were drawn based on real photos.


This is one of the storyboards of the project that we used to communicate ideas with client.


Our animators built all the buildings with depth so we are able to create parallax effects or 360 degree turn around.


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FIGS is an online platform which help you to make better investment decision by integrating different expert-level tools and information. Red Cat creates an explainer video to explain to new audiences about FIGS.

The design style was a combination of isometric view with gradient stylized graphics. The client wanted to have cute characters in the video, so we developed characters with rounded details but not too childish.

Artboard 25-100.jpg

Chosen images with gradient color grade create a feeling of high-technology.

Artboard 28-100.jpg
Artboard 25 copy-100.jpg
Artboard 30-100.jpg
Artboard 32-100.jpg
Artboard 33-100.jpg
Artboard 34-100.jpg

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Fisher Price

Animation and music are the best combination to connects brand with audiences. In this project, Red Cat Motion creates a series of 10 animated videos to promote 10 toys of Fisher Price brand.

The live action part was shot in Singapore by Chimney Singapore, and all designs and animation were executed at Red Cat Motion Vietnam.

More showcases

The project was a fun collaboration between JWT Hong Kong, Red Cat Motion Vietnam and Chimney Singapore.


Each video comes with a story. We translate the skills that children can learn with Fisher Price toy into images, symbols and make fluid transitions between them in animation.


Fisher price has a strict brand guideline on their illustration, so all the new assets need to stick on that.


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