Little Big Smala: Data-driven digital agency

Little Big Smala, Red Cat’s partner ordered us to make a short video to explain their service and we were honored to help them out.

Client: Little Big Smala
Agency: Red Cat Motion

How did we make this?

Define the direction

As usual, we spent lots of time working on the concept and direction for any animation project. The concept was very fun. It was the first time we heard of the term “Smala”, and it became the big idea. If you haven’t heard of it, the term “Smala” means a group of servants around a chief in an arabic clan. When any client is working with us, they deserve the same approach to achieve the best result.


We got many rounds to define the right direction. This step might take time, but it is very important.

F the gallery, we presented many options for the characters and the design style.

This is the final style that everyone was happy.



We had fun making visual ideas for this project. A lot of options were thrown out before nailing down to this board.


Let's work together