Priory Solutions

Priory Solutions creates different software tools that help research professionals at large organizations – especially law firms and financial institutions – better manage the Knowledge Management process. Think research professionals who help attorneys access important research from Lexus or Westlaw. It’s important to note that we’re speaking to the heads of these research teams.

We create an animation for them in a theme of adventurous journey. Think researchers as heroes and on the quest of exploring knowledge, they need a weapon to help them.

Based on their service, we understood that the image need to be mature, trustworthy, not cartoony but need to look fun and engaging as we didn't want research become a boring term.


We developed 2 options of styleframe and decided the second style work best for the video.


The second styleframe elevates the story better. The researcher wears light browns adventure clothes with his high-tech binoculars on a quest to find the knowledge treasure.


After getting the storyboard approved, we drew all the illustrations and started animating.


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