DJI Care Refresh Animated Explainer Video

DJI Care Refresh is an effective program to help you cover damages or replacements of your DJI products with a small amount of charge. Red Cat Motion got a big mission to entertain DJI's audiences with useful information of the program.

Client: DJI
Agency: Red Cat Motion

How did we make this?


This project is a combination of 2D animation with 3D drone as we have to show the key product turn around when flying. The 3D model was made in C4D then imported into After Effects with Element 3D.


The timeline is rushed and the client knew what they wanted so we locked the styleframe very quickly.



Graphics were made 2D. The color palette looks fun, fresh and branded. Other characters such as cat and crab were designed to bring more fun and details to the visual story.

46108658584695.5a01e5cd20b73 (1).jpg

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