Kao Attack: Stinky kingdom

Together with Dentsu X, we help audiences discover the mysteries of Stinky kingdom and learn how to fight back the bacteria with Kao Attack.

Client: Kao
Agency: Dentsu X & Red Cat Motion
Production: Freaky Motion


Let's see how we did this.

The agency already proposed a story to the client before reaching us. We received the storyboard and started to develop the characters and the environment. The main characters are bacteria.


The initial idea of the environment was a desert. It must be extremely hot and dry. We made some options in term of style.

unnamed (3).jpg

Then we thought deeply.... and proposed another idea. We suggested to do an environment which combined both desert and fabric.

unnamed (4).jpg
33754296_10211760846323313_6202737738194616320_n (1).jpg
33690354_10211760846123308_5481735234548400128_n (1).jpg

Well do you want to live in this peaceful world? This is just the same place, but it is very much better after trying Attack.

image001 (1).jpg

There were some scenes that took us a lot of time to develop and render, especially the 24 hour scene which we had to create a crowd of bacteria.


Animatic is a must in every 3D project.


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