OMO Safari Treasure

In 2017, OMO Vietnam organized a playful event for kids called Safari Exploration. Together with Ogilvy, we created a short animation to promote the event. The video works like an opening story to invite the kids to the event and explore more.

The story: Deep inside the Safari, there is a treasure that keeps all the animals clean. Unfortunately, it is stolen and damages the forest. To save the Safari, the little adventurer with his company have to bring it back.

Enjoy our working process

Characters are the key of the story. We designed characters and presented the client before we chose our final hero for the film.


At first we developed this background concept. However, during the design process, we felt the design was not strong enough to capture the adventure concept.


So we work on the new design captured the deep Safari and apparently it showed what we wanted.


This is the cave where the treasure is stored. The treasure is the PROMO Product. It is surrounded with beautiful flowers.


In order to save the forest, the little hero couldn't do it alone. He has his companies to help him.


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