Welcome Super Hero SIG

In 2017, we got an offer from SIG, one of the biggest packaging solution providers in the world to develop a 3D animation music video for them to educate people about their packaging technology.

About SIG: SIG provides innovative products and packaging solutions to businesses.

Our scope includes creative concept, script, lyrics, art direction, illustration, animation.

The 3D part was taken care by our great team Freaky Motion.

The challenge: In Vietnam, there are rumors about fake milk, because one product (like milk pack) can have 2 different packages to contain them. This confuses users and allow rumors spread out quickly and affect packaging solution providers like SIG.

The truth is it's really hard to fake milk. But when milk is exposed to the environment without getting protected, it will get rotten. These packaging solution providers like SIG do not sell the packaging only but they sell the protection. No light or air can get in to the packs, so consumers can store them for an extended period – even without refrigeration and with no preservatives.

Solution: Facing the challenge, we discussed with the client and decided to make an music animation to educate parents and children about the technology behind their packaging to protect the milk.

We humanize all the characters in the video and create a story about a super hero can protect all the milk citizens in their world.


Let's see how we made this animation

We started with a ton of sketches before producing anything in 3D.

A couple of still frames from the look and feel department.

A couple of still frames from the look and feel department.

Storyboard is a must in every video project.


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