U by Uniworld

We got a chance to work on the project with Director Henry on this amazing project, U by Uniworld. U by Uniworld is a new take on experiential travel, with cruises designed for those with a passion for exploring and a taste for authentic adventures. Experience the most exploring authentic travel with Uniworld cruise. If you haven't got a chance to do this, enjoy our animation.


Some images from our working progress

While working on the project, there was no real ship. Based on the technical drawing, we came up with an animated version with some adjustments.


We developed many character options with different details such as hair style, accessories. It was fun that we can try many items on each character.


Interior of the ship was designed and illustrated with an enough amount of details to reflect the real experience of the ship.


All the locations were drawn based on real photos.


This is one of the storyboards of the project that we used to communicate ideas with client.


Our animators built all the buildings with depth so we are able to create parallax effects or 360 degree turn around.


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FIGS is an online platform which help you to make better investment decision by integrating different expert-level tools and information. Red Cat creates an explainer video to explain to new audiences about FIGS.

The design style was a combination of isometric view with gradient stylized graphics. The client wanted to have cute characters in the video, so we developed characters with rounded details but not too childish.

Artboard 25-100.jpg

Chosen images with gradient color grade create a feeling of high-technology.

Artboard 28-100.jpg
Artboard 25 copy-100.jpg
Artboard 30-100.jpg
Artboard 32-100.jpg
Artboard 33-100.jpg
Artboard 34-100.jpg

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Fisher Price

Animation and music are the best combination to connect brand with audiences. In this project, Red Cat Motion creates a series of 10 animated videos to promote 10 toys of Fisher Price brand.

The live action part was shot in Singapore by Chimney Singapore, and all designs and animation were executed at Red Cat Motion Vietnam.

More showcases

The project was a fun collaboration between JWT Hong Kong, Red Cat Motion Vietnam and Chimney Singapore.


Each video comes with a story. We translate the skills that children can learn with Fisher Price toy into images, symbols and make fluid transitions between them in animation.


Fisher price has a strict brand guideline on their illustration, so all the new assets need to stick on that.


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The Happiness Factory

This is a personal project we did in collaboration with Freaky Motion to compare 2D animation vs 3D animation. Then we posted it on our facebook page and allowed people to vote. Even though we made the 3D animation seem to look better than the 2D version, but the number of votes were quite similar.

Video behind the scene places at the bottom.

We are quite comfortable with the project. All the concept was done at Red Cat Motion. After the final 2D animation was released, we sent it to Freaky and challenged them to make it in 3D animation. The challenge was accepted and the final result freaks us out. 


Behind the scene


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OMO Safari Treasure

In 2017, OMO Vietnam organized a playful event for kids called Safari Exploration. Together with Ogilvy, we created a short animation to promote the event. The video works like an opening story to invite the kids to the event and explore more.

The story: Deep inside the Safari, there is a treasure that keeps all the animals clean. Unfortunately, it is stolen and damages the forest. To save the Safari, the little adventurer with his company have to bring it back.

Enjoy our working process

Characters are the key of the story. We designed characters and presented the client before we chose our final hero for the film.


At first we developed this background concept. However, during the design process, we felt the design was not strong enough to capture the adventure concept.


So we work on the new design captured the deep Safari and apparently it showed what we wanted.


This is the cave where the treasure is stored. The treasure is the PROMO Product. It is surrounded with beautiful flowers.


In order to save the forest, the little hero couldn't do it alone. He has his companies to help him.


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Welcome Super Hero SIG

In 2017, we got an offer from SIG, one of the biggest packaging solution providers in the world to develop a 3D animation music video for them to educate people about their packaging technology.

About SIG: SIG provides innovative products and packaging solutions to businesses.

Our scope includes creative concept, script, lyrics, art direction, illustration, animation.

The 3D part was taken care by our great team Freaky Motion.

The challenge: In Vietnam, there are rumors about fake milk, because one product (like milk pack) can have 2 different packages to contain them. This confuses users and allow rumors spread out quickly and affect packaging solution providers like SIG.

The truth is it's really hard to fake milk. But when milk is exposed to the environment without getting protected, it will get rotten. These packaging solution providers like SIG do not sell the packaging only but they sell the protection. No light or air can get in to the packs, so consumers can store them for an extended period – even without refrigeration and with no preservatives.

Solution: Facing the challenge, we discussed with the client and decided to make an music animation to educate parents and children about the technology behind their packaging to protect the milk.

We humanize all the characters in the video and create a story about a super hero can protect all the milk citizens in their world.


Let's see how we made this animation

We started with a ton of sketches before producing anything in 3D.

A couple of still frames from the look and feel department.

A couple of still frames from the look and feel department.

Storyboard is a must in every video project.


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#noregret with Contiki

Have you ever regretted traveling on your own? Whoever you identify with, we’ve got a trip to turn your FML to OMG. With Contiki, there is no regret. Sounds fun, right? We had a fun time working on this project with Where There's Smoke. Our scope was developing some characters, storyboard, design and animation for 4 videos in the series.


Some images from our working progress

A new design of Contiki website became an inspiration for vibrant color palette and bold typography.

A new design of Contiki website became an inspiration for vibrant color palette and bold typography.

We develop some visual concepts for character.

We develop some visual concepts for character.

These are final characters.

These are final characters.

Each story was interpreted in a storyboard with details of action, camera movement and transition.

Each story was interpreted in a storyboard with details of action, camera movement and transition.

Based on the style frames and the storyboard, our illustrators draw the full graphic board with colors and details.

Based on the style frames and the storyboard, our illustrators draw the full graphic board with colors and details.


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We have no fear for CG/VFX. Our team at Freaky Motion did a great work on an VFX short requested by England, the director at The MILL to turn a man's head into a fish head. Our scope of work includes sculpting and painting the fish head then we stick it with the man’s body. Our challenge is making the 2 separated parts become as smooth as one when he moves. With little input data such as f-stop, focal length, shutter speed, etc, we made hundreds of possible calculations to figure out the best way to match them.


Some images from our working progress


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Google Sport Animated GIF

Everyone loves sport, and so does Google. We collaborated with AKQA to produce more than 100 animated gifs for Google Sport on the occasion of Euro Basket and Rugby. The project took 2 months to complete as the event took place for 2 months. Each gif was produced after every match within 4 hours from design to animation, so our team must stay active everyday. It was tough but there were lots of fun around.


Enjoy our selections from the collection!


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Priory Solutions

Priory Solutions creates different software tools that help research professionals at large organizations – especially law firms and financial institutions – better manage the Knowledge Management process. Think research professionals who help attorneys access important research from Lexus or Westlaw. It’s important to note that we’re speaking to the heads of these research teams.

We create an animation for them in a theme of adventurous journey. Think researchers as heroes and on the quest of exploring knowledge, they need a weapon to help them.

Based on their service, we understood that the image need to be mature, trustworthy, not cartoony but need to look fun and engaging as we didn't want research become a boring term.


We developed 2 options of styleframe and decided the second style work best for the video.


The second styleframe elevates the story better. The researcher wears light browns adventure clothes with his high-tech binoculars on a quest to find the knowledge treasure.


After getting the storyboard approved, we drew all the illustrations and started animating.


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Change Project

WildAid is a non-profit organization with a mission to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes.  We worked with WildAid Vietnam to produce videos for their campaign "No buyer, No killer". The goal is reducing local consumption of wildlife products such as elephant ivory, rhino horn and shark fin soup. 

We work with celebrities such as singer Thu Minh, MC Trac Thuy Mieu and MC Phan Anh to promote the campaign. They stand together and become ambassadors of WildAid Vietnam to raise the awareness. 

Trac Thuy Mieu sends the message about elephant. Elephant is smart and be able to deliver complex emotions. However they are being pushed to extinction. Each year, more than 33000 elephants are being kills for ivory by a network of hunters from Africa to Asia.

MC Phan Anh send a humorous message about rhino horn. Rhino Horn is expensive and can cost you a fortune, but it doesn't cure any diseases. Understand that, we compare different myths of Rhino Horn about hangover treat, fever reduction or sexual enhancement and compare it with some available cheap items such as lemon, paracetamol and viagra. Be smart!


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